President’s Message

renee-radabaughAfter creating and developing our successful event management company, Paragon Events, over 26 years ago, an intriguing opportunity was presented to me.

A veteran travel associate approached me with a surprise suggestion to travel to Cuba for a visit.

I came back fascinated by this beautiful country and engaged by the culture, art, music and the warmth of the people.

After a dozen trips and a year-long wait for the licensing, Cultural Explorations Cuba was born.

We knew we wanted to do something different. We wanted to provide exceptional programming and unique, cultural adventures. We wanted our guests to be “travelers not tourists” and with that, we created our programming for Cultural Explorations Cuba. With extraordinary culinary experiences utilizing the most innovative paladars and truly engaging people-to-people programming, we provide our travelers the opportunity to first hand truly learn about the complexity and culture that is Cuba.

Please journey with us to this beautiful country and experience its people.

 Explore * Engage * Embrace

Renee Radabaugh, CMP

President & Managing Director